Published Work

Here are some selected articles and essays I’ve written elsewhere:

From the Labor Question to the Housing Question – The Nation
An essay on the political roots of the housing crisis and some of its consequences.

Does Building Luxury Condos Create More Affordable Housing? - The Nation
A piece co-authored with Brian Hanlon that explains how building more market-rate housing leads to broad-based housing affordability.

It’s Hard to Have Faith in a State That Can’t Even House Its People– The New York Times
A sort of “homelessness 101” on the primary drivers of homelessness and what California can do to end the current crisis.

Denialism, ignorance and a lack of will: How California’s homeless and climate crises mirror one another – San Francisco Chronicle
A set of theses on how the homelessness crisis and the climate crisis present a similar challenge to our political system.

Californians, Step Away From Your Cars – The New York Times
An op-ed arguing against a proposition that would have eliminated California’s gas tax.

This is how families go hungry – NBC News
From back in my reporting days, a piece about food insecurity in the aftermath of the Great Recession.

What the US Can Learn From the Fall of the Roman Republic – The Nation
An interview with Mike Duncan, host of the Revolutions and History of Rome podcasts, about The Storm Before the Storm, his terrific first book.

San Fransicko Is Incorrect About Housing Affordability and Homelessness - UCSF Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative
A critique of author and two-time gubernatorial candidate Michael Shellenberger’s book, focusing on how it gets the causes of California’s homelessness crisis wrong.